See what people are saying about the strategic mastermind behind Speakeasy Social83, Hannah Mongiat.....

Check out these amazing results one of our e-commerce clients is getting. This client sells high-end essential oil diffusers to the US and Canada. In the first month, we are got over 7 times Return on Ad Spend. That means for every $10 in advertising the client pays, they make over $70 in sales on their website. We spent $1,902.41 and made $14,097.81. 

The second month of working with client, we generated over $37,000 in sales, resulting in a Return on Ad Spend of 6.30. It should also be noted that these results were seen during the ultra competitive Black Friday/Cyber Monday. 

So, that's a total of about $51,000 in 60 days implementing our strategies and tactics with Facebook ads! 

The third month of working together, we scaled back ad spend a bit, but because we had built up their  brand so well their Return on Ad Spend only continued to increase to 11.61. 

See the images of this client's account below. 

ZAQ Month1 Website.PNG
Month2 Website.PNG
Zaq December.PNG
I received my MBA two years ago and so I had the theory behind marketing and sales, but I was ineffective at putting it in practice. Hannah was great. In one week, I had just as many leads as I did in having a post for over a year on Groupon. And even better, these were leads that were part of my target market! This was such a worthwhile experience and for us small business owners that don’t have a lot of resources to hire big ad firms she helped me create buzz and awareness for my dream of making my studio available to every BODY!
- Jackie Payne, Create Your Space Studio

Molly is an e-commerce Facebook ads client that starting seeing a return on her investment within the first month. She had already been doing wholesales sales and had her products on Etsy and Amazon but wanted to start getting sales on her brand new website, therefore reducing costs she paid to third parties (like Etsy and Amazon). She is in the all-natural skincare niche, selling to consumers in the US and Canada. She what she has to say below. 

Since we have started working with Hannah, our conversions have skyrocketed....upwards of 85%
- Hanh Jones, Washington Gym
I highly recommend Hannah Mongiat for digital marketing and advertising services. Her work is excellent, engaging and backed with cutting-edge strategies, which are very important in this industry. Hannah is also very detail-oriented, thoughtful and energetic, which make her a pleasure to work with on projects.
- Amy Boehnert, Cardinal Point Media
Hannah has been working with me as a Social Media guru and business consultant since October. I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s great at what she does.
- Amy, Pole & Dance Studio

Praise from the profit league. hannah is one of the lead trainers in their high-ticket coaching program.