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Catherine is the Founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social, a successful Facebook Ads Agency that has pioneered performance-based ads. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, NZ Business Magazine and she is a regular speaker on the topic of Facebook Ads and Social Media. She’s also a keynote speaker with expertise in digital marketing.


Molly is an e-commerce Facebook ads client that starting seeing a return on her investment within the first month. She had already been doing wholesales sales and had her products on Etsy and Amazon but wanted to start getting sales on her brand new website, therefore reducing costs she paid to third parties (like Etsy and Amazon). She is in the all-natural skincare niche, selling to consumers in the US and Canada. She what she has to say below. 

I highly recommend Hannah Mongiat for digital marketing and advertising services. Her work is excellent, engaging and backed with cutting-edge strategies, which are very important in this industry. Hannah is also very detail-oriented, thoughtful and energetic, which make her a pleasure to work with on projects.
- Amy Boehnert, Cardinal Point Media

case studies & results

Lead Generation results for a supplement brand is below. You can also see the sales from the first email we sent out to their existing list of a little over 2,000 people. Their overall strategy is part e-commerce, part lead generation to grow their list to do email marketing to.

Dr Olivia's Lead Gen.png
Dr Olivia's Email Sales.png

The screenshot below is from a high-end beauty brand account that is new to Facebook ads. The goal is 3x and with newer beauty brands the obstacle is getting women to change from their current brand and regime. We are also facing pricing objections with this brand which we are working on overcoming with longer retargeting windows and testimonials in ad copy.


The screenshot below is from a fashion brand that we were brought in to help scale. The first thing we did was optimize what was currently running, launch new top of funnel (TOF) ads in the UK and Canada (they had previously been advertising in the US only) and build out a much longer retargeting stack. He’s spending a little over $1,000/day and getting about a 2.7x ROAS. The goal with this level of scale, his margins and lifetime value of customer is 2x or higher for him.


Below are lead generation results for a new co-working space based in New York City. We are generating leads for tours and events with the in-person up-sell being a paid membership.

Below are lead generation results for a new job placement app. The call to action in the follow-up is to download the app.


Below is a screenshot of an account from a clean beauty brand. We had been working with them for about 3 weeks at the time this was taken with a CPA of about $25 during testing. We launched with $2,000 per day ad spend with a funnel for their trial boxes. The client knew that each trial box results in about $120 in revenue and that their repeat purchase rate was good so they were comfortable with a CPA of $50 (or less). Their previous agency had a CPA of $90 so they were eager to see that drop.

No BS.jpg

Events: hannah spoke at the roosevelt hotel in Hollywood in april, 2018 at a training for new agency owners!


Events: hannah spoke at a virtual event for social media managers to train them on paid traffic strategies that deliver a positive roi