Meet The Team

We are a small, virtual team that is 100% results and client focused.


Hannah Mongiat is responsible for overall paid strategy and scaling agency brands. She has 12 years of experience in marketing both off and online. Before becoming a hired strategy gun for boutique online brands, she worked for the United Nations and the Corporation for Enterprise Development. She believes Speakeasy Social83’s 360 Method provides clients with better clarity and positioning in which to scale from. You might be wondering if she gets clients a positive ROI. Of course she does, but doesn’t everyone say that? She enjoys yoga, traveling and red wine and lives in Chicago with two rescue cats, Bailey and Scooter, and her non-rescued husband, Mark. 


Amber Lee got her start in the e-commerce world by launching her own Shopify stores in various niches. One of those stores was in the outdoor niche and generated $33K in the first 3 weeks eventually bringing in $100K in revenue a month. Alongside owning her own store she also taught 100’s of others how to build, launch, and grow their own Shopify websites as well. Before her e-commerce venture she worked online in various marketing ventures for over 5 years. She has been utilizing Facebook’s marketing platform since 2010.  Amber is also a mother of a 16 year old boy and when she is not working within her business or tending to her son, she loves to read, travel, and enjoy a glass of white wine.