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Speakesasy Social83 is a nod to the days when business was done over a meal and deals crafted over cocktails. The methods may have changed but our attention to what matters hasn't. You, the client.

People don’t scroll through Facebook and Instagram to be sold to. But they do love to discover new things and buy them. Have you ever heard the saying, 'People hate to be sold to but love to buy?'

So tell a story and focus on building relationships and purchase intent will come. We design sales funnels that gently guide potential customers down the path to purchase.

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How Facebook ADs Work 

Adding paid traffic and the retargeting capabilities of Facebook ads helps to amplify all of your other marketing efforts.

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OUr Agency's Approach To facebook ads 

We have a very growth driven approach to Facebook marketing. What does that mean, exactly? We are solely focused on making you more money. 

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How Typical E-Commerce Ads Work


Do you ever wonder why Facebook ads seem to work for some online stores but not others? It’s a common question we get and, frankly, it can be maddening if you don’t understand the why behind it. So why can some stores scale aggressively with Facebook ads and others cannot? It all comes down to sources of traffic. The store that doing remarkably well with Facebook don’t rely on Facebook alone for their traffic. They use multiple channels such as SEO, content marketing, influencer marketing, organic content on Instagram and other paid channels such as Google Shopping campaigns to reach their target audience. Facebook Ads work best when there is a variety of traffic that comes from various sources because you can retarget ALL of that traffic with your Facebook ads. The robust retargeting capability of Facebook allows us to put all of your prospects through a unique buying journey that is designed to convert them to purchasers.


One particularly powerful traffic channel for new stores, especially, is influencer traffic. I recommend all of our clients use influencers no matter how much they are making each month but new stores should, without a doubt, be leveraging influencers. Why? Because influencers not only help drive traffic to your store but they also build brand trust and can generate user videos and photos. User generated content works really well on Facebook and Instagram so think how-to videos, testimonials and product reviews.


One follow-up question we get a lot is, ‘But why can’t we just drive ALL our traffic from Facebook and Instagram?’ Well, truth be told, Facebook traffic is certainly not the cheapest cold traffic out there. Facebook is now one of the most expensive media buying platforms and likely isn’t going to be getting cheaper anytime soon. Gone are the days where you can get cheap traffic at 20 cents per click or engagement for a penny. Furthermore, Facebook’s cold audience strategy is becoming more difficult to laser target because of the recent and frequent changes to Facebook’s targeting platform. If you are planning to sell directly to cold audiences, Facebook ads may prove to be very expensive and could easily lose you money. However, Facebook does work well if you have a system and proper funnel in place and traffic from multiple sources. Then, Facebook can take you from $10k months to $100k months.



Understanding the Ads Journey

To create a profitable customer buying journey you must know your target market (who buys your products?), have a clear picture of your avatars (demographics, gender, location, interests, passions and have data to back this up), your unique selling proposition and what information your prospect needs before making a decision to buy.

Let’s take a look at a typical buying journey on Facebook Ads.

  1. Awareness
    The vast majority of your prospects won’t buy at this level. At this point they are cold traffic and it’s our job to warm them up. We need to spark their interest by presenting a solution to one of their current problems or pain points. Video works really well for this stage. Examples of videos include: how-to, introducing your company, why you created your brand, what the business means to you, etc.


2. Learning

At this point your prospect is somewhat familiar with your brand, products, features and benefits. They also want to learn what other users have to say - good or bad. Product reviews on your website are important for this reason and video can be powerful here as well. Think about asking for and utilizing video testimonials and product reviews as well as user generated content from past customers.

3. Comparison

Prospects are also going to check out your competition. This is your opportunity to tell them why and how you are different. What is your unique selling proposition? Do you source your materials ethically? Do your children’s clothing lines have Montessori and Waldorf moms in mind? Is your skincare handcrafted in small batches? Is your wine organically produced? Do you use local merchants as much as possible? Do a brainstorming session and think about ways that make your brand unique and memorable.


4. Buy

Now they are primed to buy. This is the perfect time to implement direct response copy with a clear call to action to buy. A lot of our agency prospects have started here which is why they have lost money. The need to create this buying journey is also why it’s important to have multiple sources of traffic!


5. Growth

From here, you can target past purchasers with special promos or new product releases. You can suggest they come back to purchase a complementary product to the one they have already purchased. Once you’ve gotten this far, the possibilities are nearly endless for your growth potential.