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Catherine is the Founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social, a successful Facebook Ads Agency that has pioneered performance-based ads. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, NZ Business Magazine and she is a regular speaker on the topic of Facebook Ads and Social Media. She’s also a keynote speaker with expertise in digital marketing.

Case STudies 

We formulated a practical and results-driven approach to manage Facebook Ads for our clients. This has enabled us to help many brands to grow in the global market. Our clients such as Mahabis and Peloha experienced exponential sales growth from a few sales per day to several hundred orders daily, resulting in great return on advertising spending (ROAS).

Essential Oil Diffusers, US Based company

This client sells high-end essential oil diffusers to the US and Canada only. When they came to us they were doing between $7-$10k/month in consumer purchases (excluding their wholesale business). They had grown to that number with influencers, Google Adwords and organic traffic but were ready to scale. They had never run Facebook or Instagram ads before, so we implemented a full funnel for them. 

In the first month, we are got over 7 times Return on Ad Spend. That means for every $10 in advertising the client pays, they make over $70 in sales on their website. We spent $1,902.41 and made $14,097.81. 

The second month of working with client, we generated over $37,000 in sales, resulting in a Return on Ad Spend of 6.30. It should also be noted that these results were seen during the ultra competitive Black Friday/Cyber Monday. 

So, that's a total of about $51,000 in 60 days implementing our strategies and tactics with Facebook ads! 

The third month of working together, we scaled back ad spend a bit, but because we had built up their  brand so well their Return on Ad Spend only continued to increase to 11.61. 

See the images of this client's account below. 


PEloha essentials 

Peloha sells essentials oils (different than the one mentioned above) and related products online across the world. Challenges included brand awareness, preference & loyalty - a number of existing mlm companies (competitors) that offer a similar product. Peloha is considered a "new brand" in the market.

We did a careful analysis of their on-going campaigns and came out with a strategy that identified areas that needed optimizing and also 'low hanging fruit' they weren't capitalizing on. With Peloha's customer database and traffic, we created a very lean campaign structure (using different approaches from their on-going campaigns) to find new audiences.

The results after we created our own Facebook Ad Structure that helped keep CPA low and ROI always top of mind. We achieved over 500 conversions (purchases) each week.

Some ways in which we achieved this:

We split ad placements into Desktop, Mobile and Right Hand Side Newsfeed. By doing this, we are to able test, run, optimize and make wiser decisions (i.e. which campaign/ad placement works better/the best). 

We built custom audiences from the people that visited the Peloha website. We created lists of Visitors of the Website, Buyers, Non-buyers and layered/segmented it with some interest based targeting. 


Their goal was to penetrate the Asian market and increase sales. The Asian market would involve targeting considerably smaller countries (S.Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) as compared to their existing market - UK & US.

With our results driven strategy we were able to reduce the acquisition cost and achieved up to 900 conversions (purchases) in 50 days.

The foundation of how this campaign improved lies in the structure of the ads which we came up with and used for all our campaigns. The key factors lowering the CPA are below:

  • Create new target markets to test as well as focusing on lookalike audiences 
  • Insert manual bidding that is relatively higher than the market value given by Facebook
  • Accelerate the ad delivery and pixel optimization by doing a giveaway in the first month.