Best Practices for Product Descriptions

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Branding

Grab their attention early – The first sentence of your description should solve their pain point, problem or give them the needed benefit they are looking for. You can do this by using a powerful statement or asking a question.

Answer all of the questions your customers have in their head – Unanswered questions cause confusion and confusion causes consumers to not take action. So you want to answer all questions about sizes, functions, benefits, fabrics, bust sizes, etc in your product description. If you are selling makeup or skincare products describe the feel and scent of the product and mention how long one jar should last. Make your website visitors feel like they are holding the product in their hands.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews – You want to have reviews on your product pages but you can also take a 5-star review and add it into the actual description. We did this with an army green netted hammock that we sold for $9.99 and sold a total of $33K with this item over a three week period. Don’t forget to add in 5 gold star emojis for added emphasis.

Sizing Charts – If you are selling clothing or shoes, make sure you add in sizing charts. This helps erase the question of “What size should I buy?”

Speak Directly To Your Target Market – Know your audience and use language that they can relate to. This is really important, especially for the older consumer. Trust is everything when it comes to selling your products online which is another reason reviews are so important.