How To Scale Your E-Commerce Store With Facebook Ads

by | Sep 8, 2018 | Advertising, Facebook

Often times, when clients approach us for help they are already getting traffic and making sales. They just want to scale. They want to go from $10k/month to $100k/month, for example, and use Facebook marketing to get there. How do we get them there? Well, for one, they are prepared to invest in Facebook Ads. They also don’t expect to get there in 30 days or even 60 days. They understand that the process of Facebook marketing takes time and testing. To build a truly great, revenue generating machine they understand that one must be patient and in it for the long term.

I know, I know, I still haven’t answered the question of how we get them scaling. Well, we come in with a Facebook marketing strategy and a Facebook ad funnel. Two-thirds of that Facebook ad funnel is retargeting. I touch on retargeting in this blog post. Today I’d like to focus on the other one-third: Top of Funnel.

What does Top of Funnel mean in Facebook marketing jargon? It’s the part of the Facebook ad funnel where we find new buyers and generate awareness of your brand and build interest in your products. A small portion of this audience will purchase but the vast majority of them will need to be retargeted. When we retarget them with Facebook ads we bring them further down the Facebook marketing funnel and through their buying journey. In other words, we generate intent and desire to take action and buy.

In the agency, we like to use conversion campaigns, optimizing for purchases. We always test single image, carousel and video in terms of creative and craft copy that is compelling. In your copy, focus on your unique selling proposition, highlight why prospects should buy from your brand and add some social proof (think product reviews here). Now before I talk about how we increase ad spend at scale while maintaining ROI, I’d like to show you how to research targeting options for Facebook ads.

So you will want to go to your Business Manager and then Audience Insights. There’s two main ways to do research for your Facebook marketing. You can research people who like your page and you can research general interests. Audience Insights gives you lots of information but I mostly like to focus on the demographics and page likes sections. Take a look at the two images below to familiarize yourself with the interface and then I will talk about affinity.

So what does affinity mean for Facebook marketing and your Facebook ads? The affinity score is how likely the people we are researching are to like that page compared to the rest of Facebook. The higher the affinity, the better for your Facebook ads. If you have affinity scores over 1,000 you are definitely on the right track! So essentially you can use what you find out here (age, gender, page interests) to build your targeting for your Facebook ads. For national campaigns, I like an audience size of 500,000 to 2,000,0000 to start testing.

Alright, so once you are seeing a positive return on your Top of Funnel ads and you are ready to start scaling (i.e., spending more money) – how do you do that? Well you can increase your daily budget 16-20% every 1-3 days. You can also duplicate ad sets and focus your targeting on the interests, age ranges or genders getting you the most return on investment. That’s a bit more advanced, though.

To find out how we can help scale your business with Facebook marketing, schedule a time to chat with us here.  Strategy sessions are free and a great way to do a deep dive into your business, identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth with Facebook ads.