How To Retarget Effectively with Facebook Ads

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Retarget

As an online retailer, the struggle to turn web visitors into purchasers is real. Did you know that the industry average is 1-3% of people who visit your site will actually make a purchase on that first visit? You can use Facebook ads and Facebook marketing techniques to retarget the visitors who didn’t purchase, giving them a reason to come back and buy. Similarly you can also retarget people who engaged with your Facebook or Instagram pages, giving them a call to action to visit the site.

There are loads of way to retarget people with Facebook ads. Often times, when we start working with clients they are doing one small part of a full e-commerce purchasing funnel. That part is usually what we call the Top of Funnel, which is directing an ad to cold traffic with a call to action to visit the site and buy.

Keep reading to find out three ways we retarget our clients’ traffic with Facebook ads. By the end of this article you will have a little insider knowledge to Facebook marketing and be able to help recover lost sales from traffic you are already getting to your site with Facebook ads.

Retargeting Site Visitors with Facebook Ads

You can retarget site visitors who didn’t purchase or add to cart by setting up custom audiences. Let’s learn how to do that!

  • Go to Business Manager.
  • Go to Asset Library -> Audiences and click Create Audiences.

Click on Website Traffic

  • Here is where you will create your custom audiences. You can create one for all web visitors in the last 14 or 30 days, for example. Then you will want to create seperate custom audiences for people who fired events. Here is where you can create audiences for people who added to cart or purchased.

  • Then, when you set up your Facebook ad campaign, for your targeting you can select the custom audiences you created. In the image below we are targeting web visitors in the last 14 days but excluding purchasers in the last 30 days. You could also add an exclusion of people who add to cart, if you want. We want to exclude purchasers because if they have already made a purchase, you don’t want them seeing a Facebook ad asking them to visit the site again to make their purchase. You can absolutely retarget purchasers, asking them to buy again but that’s a different strategy discussed below.

Retargeting People Who Engaged on Social Media with Facebook Ads

Another segment of people you can retarget with Facebook ads is people who engaged with your social media channels and content. We need to create custom audiences again. So, go to Business Manager and then go to Asset Library -> Audiences and click Create Audiences. This time we are going to choose Engagement.  

Then you will be taken to screen that looks like this:

As an effective Facebook marketing strategy, I would recommend retargeting people who engaged with your Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile and who viewed any videos you have. You could use all three of these audiences as your targeting for one Facebook ad.

Retargeting Purchasers as a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Do you remember how we learned how to create a custom audience of people who purchased early in this post? Well, you can target just them in an ad set! Why might you want to do that? There are a few different Facebook marketing strategies you could use. Facebook marketing is such a cool tool! Let’s take a look.

  • Target purchasers in the last 3 days with simply a thank-you ad. Thank them for becoming part of the brand family, tell them you appreciate the business and remind them of any perks you have for repeat purchases (loyalty or rewards programs, for example).
  • You could target people who made a purchase 30 days ago, giving them a coupon code to pass on to family and friends.
  • You could target people who bought 60 days ago with a call to action to buy again. The time frame here of 60 days will largely depend on your buying cycles. A more appropriate time frame for your business could be less than 60 days or more. It would depend on how frequently people buy again from you.

A Note About Copy And Facebook Ads

When sitting down to write your copy for these Facebook ads, take a moment to think about the target audience. How have they interacted with your brand already and what types of things would they benefit from hearing from you?

To find out how we can help scale your business with Facebook marketing, schedule a time to chat with us here.  Strategy sessions are free and a great way to do a deep dive into your business, identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth with Facebook ads.