How Facebook Ads Work

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Advertising

As an agency, we specialize in Facebook and Instagram ads for e-commerce businesses. What we notice time and time again with clients, is that Facebook marketing can be the fuel to an already burning fire. What does that mean, exactly? When we work with clients who are already getting traffic and sales from existing marketing efforts, their Facebook ads do significantly better than those clients who have no other marketing efforts. Adding paid traffic and the retargeting capabilities of Facebook ads helps to amplify all of your other marketing efforts.

With e-commerce Facebook ads we take the prospect through a buying journey by using a purchase funnel. Each step has a goal of achieving a desired action. Those actions are: awareness, interest, desire and intent. In one step of the funnel, the goal of the ads is to create awareness of your brand and products to new potential customers. In another step, the goal of the ads is to cultivate interest in making a purchase. In the final step of the funnel, the goal of the Facebook ads is to build intent to buy among those individuals who have already shown a desire to buy. Who are those individuals? People who have browsed products and/or added items to their cart but haven’t purchased yet.

One of the most appealing and impactful things about Facebook ads is the ability to retarget all of your site traffic. Sure, Facebook ads are great for finding new customers but having the ability to retarget the people who are already coming to site, but not buying, can have a huge impact on your sales and revenue.

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